Changing The Face Of Sustainable Energy Consumption



When we talk of power, we talk about green power. And any form of sustainable energy or alternate form of energy is a source of green power. When we can use our natural energy resources in an efficient manner, such that, a considerable and significant portion is left for our future generations, we are inching towards sustainable living.

With giant industrial corporations shifting to powering their facilities with100% renewable energies, the future is clearly etched in black and white. Harnessing energy from solar, wind and geothermal resources is surely saving our environment with energy-efficient consumption in every sector. When we look at and zoom in at the micro level, certain products are changing the face of energy consumption. They are the portable batteries, rechargeable batteries, and the solar panels.

Let us look into the details of each, to get a clear understanding of how these products are impacting the lives of the people. One of the greatest ways to get off the grid and lessen the dependency on electricity sources is by going the renewable charging way. The following products help us to achieve the same, lessening our carbon footprint too.

Portable batteries

Portable batteries, as the name suggests are batteries that are portable. They can be taken anywhere you need a source of power. These are chargers on the go. They come in various sizes and shapes along with different specifications. According to your needs, you can always choose the best product that can charge your phone or RV or iPad. There are some heavy duty models that are portable and can be used to charge things such as engine starters, electric vehicles, lawn and garden tools, golf carts, motorcycles etc. These heavy duty portable batteries can also be used in power sports and hunting. The portable batteries have changed the way we can charge things. Now, traveling somewhere deep into the wilderness need not necessarily mean that you get cut off from the world. You can stay connected with the world, with a portable power source beside you.

Rechargeable batteries

To put in simple words, a rechargeable battery is one that can be charged and recharged many times. Normal, one-time use batteries are fully charged and loaded. Once the charge is discharged completely, these regular batteries are to be discarded. They cannot be used again. Whereas, rechargeable batteries can be charged again and again, helping you do your bit in the conservation of resources.

Rechargeable batteries come in many sizes and shapes. The smaller ones can help you charge your small consumer electronic items such as camera chargers, phone chargers, while the larger capacity rechargeable batteries can charge heavier items including refrigerators, RVs, medical systems and other such big stuff. With the help of rechargeable batteries, the dependence on the grid can be drastically reduced. This, in turn, brings in a huge change in the monthly utility and electrical bills, as there is efficient energy consumption.

In rechargeable batteries, there are different combinations of materials and electrolytes that are used. Some of these include nickel cadmium (NiCd), lithium ion (Li-ion), lead–acid, nickel metal hydride (NiMH), lithium ion polymer (Li-ion polymer) etc.

Solar panels

Solar panels and solar energy are something that can be considered as the well-known face of renewable energy sources. The solar panels convert the sunlight or the solar energy with the help of photovoltaic cells into electricity or heat.

Solar power is the most efficient alternative source of energy that is renewable. Many products are being manufactured by companies that can trap and use this abundant solar power. Solar cooking has also caught the fancy of many, what with the huge array of products available.

Solar portable power solutions are also present that help in charging smaller devices like your cell phone, digital camera etc. These products come in different sizes and specifications, suiting the different and varied needs of customers. There are several solar panel options present, like the Solar panels only option, either rigid or semi-flexible; solar panels with separate storage batteries and solar panels with integrated storage batteries.


Customers are definitely spoilt for choice, what with the huge array of products that help in sustainable and energy efficient living. With our motto of green power and responsible renewable energy, we aim to ensure that your commitment to sustainable renewable energy is met with, by providing some of the best products in this category.